Doll maker and loving it

Dolls to love by Gerlinde Feser



Gerlinde Feser was born on 11/01/1966. She is a mother of two sons and lives with her husband Juergen Feser, Bad König Odenwald. She spent her childhood and of course very happy with her two brothers on a farm in the country.
This nature-loving time She has very marked. The exact observation and life in nature and with animals, has laid the foundation for their search for the Realist.
Their creative side, you probably got a present from his mother's side, because in their family for several generations, the painters and sculptors are at home.
After her graduation she took a business education in hotel management.
Very soon she realized that she could not fulfill the profession altogether.
Her passion for creativity because they had already packed up and after the birth of her first son, she has opened a craft store. She was for many years in various creative courses of Flowers, silk painting, sewing ... to dolls courses. First, rag dolls, later reproductions of artist dolls in porcelain followed.

The dolls they have then more and more fascinated, so that everything else had to smooth it. Where you always stressed that just includes the doll making almost all of these issues, yes. For the porcelain doll making, she completed several training seminars in order to pass your courses in the highest possible standard can.

In 1996 Jürgen Feser as a new partner and future husband came to her side.
Together they took part in international exhibitions and fairs.
With Jurgen as a driving force, began Gerlinde their skills in working out, and Bemahlen figures with other doll makers in competitions to messen.So she has won many national and international events, many victories and awards.
Here are some excerpts:
Hildegard Gunzel Trophy, Grand Prix's, gold medals, silver medals, awards of the DAG, the Teacher Certificate ceremony GDS GDS
Presentation of the Ruby Award from the GDS and Emmerade
It was followed by the birth of her second son and so many impressions left by the back a baby and toddler. The desire to model again here has actually begun, but lack of time you have this pushed to the side.
After initial attempts with another artist, in the long run not manage to win in his work, and Jürgen Gerlinde is decided, but their models to model itself completely.
Here she came to help you much more quickly to the desired results were as you had thought. Probably an inherited gift, but also her overwhelming desire not to be satisfied with half the things.
As with the working out of porcelain dolls, you set their standard high. Because the experience has made an ever so beautifully sculpted doll, can not develop their charisma, if you is not high quality work. Then came Gerlinde benefit their professional qualifications and years of experience in doll making.

Gerlinde known to work from photographs as the most difficult part of their professional career.
It says:
It very difficult to exactly what constitutes a child is in the model hold.
Sometimes you have only one or two pictures in which the broadcasting of the child
be seen mostly in the approach. Then, of course, help stories, so
including a child, because it gives us the opportunity to give something to the doll
, what you do not put your bare hands can hold. About a portrait work took her doll and the way to television.
The American company MasterpieceGallery discovered the pictures of the portrait work Lily, appearing in this website, and asked Lily to the shopping channel HSE 24. And so it happened that captured this little angel lovers heart literally overnight. This was the start for now for many dolls by Gerlinde Feser at HSE 24
Steinberger asked for a presentation of her dolls in the dollhouse doll making what you mean.
She responded:
Doll making me the opportunity or the time to hold her to escape.
Perhaps it is these dreams that we can love them all the dolls, especially in the
When Gerlinde Feser is asked what she wants, she always says:
Furthermore, health,
such a family,
With friends like these
and this gift of the many ideas.


Thank´s for all contacts, visits to our fairs and exhibitions, at the last 28 years. For us it was a very nice time with many great memories.

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Gerlinde Feser